Part-Time Cleaning Service

Part Time Cleaning For Houses & Offices In Singapore

Most people miss crucial parts of their house or unit when cleaning. Even if you’re an avid cleaner and like to think you keep things spotless, there’s bound to be a few things that you’ve either missed or are avoiding using.

Some of the things that many people don’t clean enough are:

  • Toilets
  • Kitchen basins
  • TV remotes
  • Computers
  • Door handles, doorknobs and light switches

Our cleaning services will clean all these extras at an affordable price. Get a superior clean with our expert team.

Professional and personal services

Singapore Cleaning Service’s part time services are great for people who want the occasional, regular tip-top service. This is an ideal service for people who already maintain a high standard in their property, but want some extra sprucing up once in a while. Ideal for both houses and offices, our top-to-bottom packages will leave you with a fresh, polished place.

Our team will work to make sure your house is in perfect condition. We’ll make sure to get the seal of approval from you after the job, so you’ll be sure to be satisfied with the job.

Get a regular service at an affordable price

Looking for a team to do the dirty work while you relax? Don’t have the proper equipment to get a fresh finish? We provide housekeepers and professionals who can spruce up your home or office quickly and effortlessly. Assure your place is always looking good for guests and friends, speak to the experts today.

Our team is dedicated to providing top quality service for our customers. We have a range of packages for different occasions including regular servicing, end-of-tenancy packages, spring cleaning and post renovation services.

Get a property that you’ll love spending time in and contact the professionals today. Call us on 8167 5339 or email at