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Are you too busy to iron your clothes? We provide an ironing service too.

We provide both a "one time" and a "Weekly" ironing services. Our professional part time maid/ cleaner will come to your house and will do the ironing of your clothes.

We provide the following services:

  • Ironing for personal and commercial
  • One time ironing service
  • Weekly ironing service
  • Bi-weekly ironing service

You just need to provide the iron and ironing board.
Minimum Ironing service 4 hrs.

Ironing services in Singapore

Some benefits of ironing clothes

Wearing an ironed cloth or wrinkle-less cloth will definitely improve your appearance.

Ironing can help to protect the cloth and maintain the colour.

Ironing can eliminate some of minor odor & kill germs /bacteria from the clothes too.

Don’t spend your valuable time for ironing and house cleaning as our professional part time helpers can do those house chores for you. 

Just call “Singapore cleaning service” to get free quotation for house cleaning / ironing.

PH: 8167 5339

Ironing rate

Ironing time extension is $20 per hour for each cleaner and it's subject to availability to get the extension. 

Safety tips for ironing if you want to do it yourself

Bring ironing board and iron out from storeroom and wipe/ clean the dust from the ironing board if there is any. Put it near to power outlet where you want to iron. Fill iron with water before plug into the power socket. Set the desire temperature depending on the fabric of the cloth and turn it “ON”.

A tag which is displayed ironing instruction and cloth’s material can be checked inside the shirt or pant.

Spray very little amount of water to the flat metal surface to check the iron whether it’s ready to start. It’s ready to start to iron the clothes if the water dries immediately.

It’s a good practice to power off the iron if you want to go to toilet or do other things while ironing.

After finished of ironing the clothes, don’t forget to power “off”, unplug the iron and let it cool down before you keep it back to the place where you took. It’s to prevent from your kids or someone to touch the hot surface of the iron accidently. 

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